Research shows that stress and traumatic experiences are making many of us sick and are a leading cause of poor health outcomes.

You can be part of the movement to create Alive and Well Communities. Oftentimes, we are told narratives about “what’s wrong” with ourselves or other people. By understanding the science of trauma and toxic stress, we can begin to understand how “what happened” in our lives and in our communities has created the outcomes we witness today – providing a new lens to create new solutions that promote healing, well-being and equity.

The first step for many is to attend one of the free, monthly Trauma Awareness trainings. In this training, you will learn about the science as well as begin to apply the “trauma lens” to some of our communities’ most pressing challenges. Check the calendar, to find the training closest to you.

To become part of the movement: become an Ambassador, follow us on social media, attend a community event, read our blog, and sign up for our newsletter.

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Become an Ambassador

Alive and Well Ambassadors are agents of change working to increase community resilience and to decrease the impact of trauma and toxic stress. Ambassadors represent themselves, their neighborhoods, their faith community and/or their professional organizations in health care, education, behavioral health, business, social service, and more. Despite distinct lived-experiences and backgrounds, Ambassadors share a common goal: to help promote healing, wellbeing, and equity. Ambassadors commit to:

  • Attend an orientation with Alive and Well to learn about the organization and the work

  • Participate in a 2-hour Trauma Awareness training to understand the impact of toxic stress and trauma on health and well being

  • Drive the vision for Alive and Well in their community

  • Connect and collaborate at Ambassador events

  • Engage the community and/or organization to build a resilient, trauma-informed community

If you are in the Kansas City or St. Louis metro areas and are interested in becoming an Ambassador, please complete the “Become an Ambassador” information form below. If you are in another region and interested in becoming part of an Alive and Well Community, please email

For more information about becoming an ambassador, please contact with any questions.