In 2018, Alive and Well hired Community Consultants from throughout the federally designated Promise Zone in St. Louis to engage community members to address their own well-being and the well-being of their communities.

The purpose of the Community Consultant is to:

  • engage fellow community members through a Community Empowerment Workshop Series; 

  • create understanding about the impact of toxic stress and trauma on health and wellbeing;

  • help residents develop proactive strategies to minimize the impact of toxic stress and trauma;

  • help residents create proactive strategies for building emotional wellbeing in the community and

  • encourage collaborative community change.

Community Empowerment Workshops participants:

  • gain knowledge and understanding of the impact of trauma and toxic stress;

  • demonstrate a change in attitude about individuals who have experienced trauma;

  • learn relatable self-care strategies that can be used to minimize the impact of trauma and toxic- stress and

  • identify ways in which they can collaborate with neighbors to create change at the community level

The following workshops are available to be facilitated by Community Consultants.

Workshop 1 – Know Thyself – We’re More than our Experiences

Traumatic experiences occur more often than we think.  Most importantly, we tend to overlook the impact these experiences, as well as the everyday stressors of life, have on us.  This workshop will help participants to understand the impact chronic trauma and toxic stress have on our social, emotional and health outcomes and how to begin viewing individuals through a lens of trauma.

*Workshop 2 – Self Care is the Best Care

Sometimeswe’re so busy with taking care of others that we forget to take care of ourselves.   During this interactive workshop, participants will learn about the importance of self-care and identify free, easy activities to do in order to relax or attain emotional well-being. 

*Workshop 3 – Together we Triumph over Trauma

Trauma can be widespread, impacting individuals and communities.  However, like Self Care, Community Care is a way to limit the impact of trauma.  During this interactive workshop, participants will learn about the importance of community-care as a way to combat trauma and identify tools and strategies that will help them to build supportive communities in a way that is meaningful to them.

To schedule a Community Empowerment Workshop with a Community Consultant, email